Omkara festival will be held from 19 to 22 April 2024.

Unfortunately name changes are not possible. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold. Do not buy tickets directly from people as you cannot enter the festival with a tickets that is not in your name.

We do not accept written mandates with copies of IDS or passports to transfer personalized tickets.

You can request a refund via our official email tickets@omkarafestival.com. Completed refund request forms and refund cancellations of 2024 tickets must be received by 31st Jan 2024. No late refund request will be accepted.

E-tickets refund will be processed from 1st of Feb 2024 onward. Due to different laws and bank policies, the payment process may last until the 29th of Feb 2024 or longer.

The tickets buyer is able to request for any tickets purchased within their order.

Please make sure your bank details is correct, if the correct banking information is not provided this will delay your payment and possibly incur extra bank fees for returned funds.

Note that all tickets refunds are subject to a fee of 15euro due to administrative costs, as its specified in our terms & conditions.

If you think you have been charged incorrectly or there was a problem with your payment, please contact tickets@omkarafestival.com

Rooms and tent cannot be refunded, however transfer are allowed. Transfer can be done via our email tickets@omkarafestival.com. Transfers close on the 30th of March 2024.

NO. Upon arrival at the festival your e-tickets are only valid with valid ID or passport. Your ID or passport must match the name on your e-ticket.

We do not accept a written mandate to transfer personalized tickets.

You can log on through the Omkara:space interface, easily log in with your ticket number and email address and you will be able to find a lot of diverse and personalized content.


What do I do if I have , lost or misplaced my tickets, don’t know the status of my ticket, cant login to Omkara:space or my email address changed?

Please email us at tickets@omkarafestival.com with your name, surname and email address that you used to purchase your ticket and we will help you with your specific query.

No, camping is not included in your festival ticket.

As most travel plans are only decided closer to the event, for now you will book and open ticket and final confirmation will be done on the Omkara:space portal closer to the event date. You will receive an email when Omkara space will be open for bookings.

Omkara express tickets are refundable. Refund request will be accepted from the start of new year 2024, through Omkara space on the Omkara website.

Completed refund forms and refund cancellation for Omkara express 2024 tickets must be received by 29th Feb 2024. Any Omkara express tickets bought after this date are not refundable.

No, currently Omkara express only operates from Kathmandu to the festival location.

If you are planning to participate in the festival from other cities, you can contact our transport partner or book via a local bus service.

Yes, tickets for arrival and return are sold separately on Omkara shop.